T-Tech Transmission Flush & Filter Change

Mr Quick's Transmission Flush Replaces All of the Fluid in Your Transmission

A Mr. Quicks Oil Changes and Lube T-Tech transmission flush is highly recommended for replacing all of the fluid in your vehicle's transmission. Simply draining fluid from the body of your transmission and adding new fluid will only replace a few quarts. There are about 12 quarts of fluid on average in a transmission.

Most of your transmission's excess fluid is located in the torque converter, along with some in the transmission cooler and cooler lines. A T-Tech Transmission flush helps remove that excess fluid. Also, if your torque converter does not have a drain plug, much of this fluid will stay trapped unless you perform a transmission flush.

A T-Tech transmission flush uses pressure to push all of the old fluid out of your transmission. Performing a Mr. Quick's T-Tech transmission flush makes it possible for you to completely replace all of your transmission's old fluid with new fluid.

Cleans the Filter and System
With a transmission flush, you usually do not have to remove and replace or clean your filter. The pressure of the fluid flush does a good job of cleaning out the filter. Most particles will be removed from the filter during the pressurized system flush.

However, buildup of particles in your system's transmission may warrant a new filter as well. As part of our T-Tech Transmission flush we can replace your filter as well if needed.

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