A Serpentine Drive Belt is a continuous loop belt that snakes it's way through and around your engine compartment to drive power to major engine parts. Replacing your serpentine belt as needed will ensure optimum performance from your engine and prevent the inconvenience of having your vehicle break down due to belt breakage.

The serpentine belt drives several engine components. When the Serpentine belt fails all the associated components - the alternator, air conditioner, power steering and the water pump - stop working. It is in your best interest to replace the serpentine belt before it breaks.

Your serpentine belt should be checked regularly for signs of wear. Any signs of cracks of fraying indicate it is a good time to replace it before it breaks. A squealing belt may also need to be replaced.

You should plan on replacing your serpentine belt as a preventive maintenance every 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

Please refer to your owner's manual for recommended service intervals.

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